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Paranormal Michigan


Paranormal Michigan Investigations, a Michigan paranormal investigation team, is based in Southwest Michigan and was founded by Rev. Robert Du Shane and Robert Penny as “Kalamazoo Ghost Hunters Club” in 1993. The name was changed to WPARanormal Investigations in 2001 before finally be named Paranormal Michigan Investigations in 2017.

We are malevolent haunting specialists and conduct investigations in the tri-state area, with most efforts focused on Southwest Michigan. We conduct professional evidence-based investigations for people who are being tormented by what they feel may be a haunting in their home.

Following the investigation we will present you with any evidence captured during our investigation & advise you on the next steps to take to find peace. Though not typically needed, we do offer assistance with removal of a "malevolent haunting"; this assistance will be provided by Rev. Robert Du Shane, an experienced Catholic demonologist.

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